To Be Determined!

What Is This?

Top-Trending Influencers are individuals from around the fencing industry who have a significant impact on the rest of the industry. Soon, these individuals will be selected (based on a set of specific criteria), and all of their "stuff" will appear here. Everything from EXPERT CONTENT, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS and more - will be listed.

Please keep in mind this is a primarily from the perspective of SOCIAL MEDIA! There are incredible leaders in the fencing industry who have almost no social media presence or any widely distributed content that we can share on this channel, so it would not make sense to list them here!

How Are Top-Trending Influencers Selected?

Top trending influencers are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Must have contributed a MINIMUM of 12 items of content - directly to FenceHub.Live to be considered.
  2. Total number of VIEWS on FenceHub.Live - our system uses an algorithm to update the Top-Influencers list.
  3. Total number of social media followers across all channels is factored into our algorithm.

Details About Our Algorithm

Everytime a ebsite visitor views the profile of one of our contributors or influencers, that click is recorded. Each piece of content viewed (individual photos, videos, etc.) are all tracked and counted. Our tracking process and algorithm then calculates which contributors are the most popular and meet all other criteria.

In essence, the more "stuff" you contribute to FenceHub.Live and the more that people view, it ... the more likely you are to be able to earn the distinction of TOP-INFLUENCER.